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VCES Party Book 2023-24

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What is the Party Book?

The Party Book is both a fundraiser and a community builder: it’s a collection of 10-15 parties/events offered to the VCES community, hosted by Parents/Caregivers.  Some parties are for students/families, some are just for students, and some are just for parents.  These parties are scheduled during the 2nd semester of the school year (from February to the end of June).  

Parents are invited to host the Party Book parties, either by themselves or in small groups.  See below for a list of previous party book parties.  

All Party Book parties are fee-based and Party Book proceeds are counted toward the Spring Family Fundraiser and go directly to the school.

Here’s how it works:

  • Any parent can decide to host a party.
  • The host pays for any fees associated with hosting the party (for example, if a parent hosts a cookie decorating party for students grades 3-5, the parent hosting pays for the supplies).  
  • Parents who sign up to attend the party pay an admission fee to attend the party (or for their student or family to attend).  VCES sets the admission fees for each party and charges parents who sign up to attend the Party Book parties. 
Previous Party Book parties include:
      • Wine and Paint (adult)
      • Flag football clinic (student)
      • Stuffie-making party (student)
      • Dinner with a private chef (adult)
      • Cookie decorating (student)
      • Game Night (adult, student or family)
      • Beach Day (family)

Questions? Want to host a party?  Email Stephanie Silverstein ([email protected]), Jennifer Vielman ([email protected]), or Rebecca Avery ([email protected]).