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How to Apply

Thank you for your interest in Valley Charter Schools. The 2021-2022 school year enrollment application is now available for both Valley Charter Elementary (VCES)  and Valley Charter Middle (VCMS)  through the Apply LA Portal. 
How to Apply
To apply for either school, visit  If you do not already have an account, you will need to create one by selecting  “Create an Account" and following the (very simple) steps provided. 
  • Valley Charter Elementary School: The deadline to submit a 2021-2022 school year enrollment application is February 4th, 2021 at 4:00 pm and the random public drawing will take place on February 18th, 2021. 
  • Valley Charter Middle School: The deadline to submit a 2021-2022 school year enrollment application is March 26th at 4:00 pm and the random public drawing will take place on  April 15th, 2021. All VCES students are automatically granted admissions unless indicated otherwise by parents. 
Post-Lottery applications for the current school year
We are also accepting Post Lottery (LATE) applications for the current 2020-2021 school year through the Apply LA site. These applications will be placed on the waitlists
Lottery Information
Charter schools are not allowed to discourage a pupil from enrolling or seeking to enroll in a charter school because the pupil exhibits any characteristics such as students with disabilities, academically low-achieving, English learners, neglected or delinquent, homeless, socially economically disadvantaged, foster youth, or based on nationality, race, ethnicity, or sexual orientation. Charter schools are not allowed to request a pupil's records before enrollment or encourage a child who is enrolled in a charter school to disenroll or transfer to another school. A parent, guardian, or pupil (18 years or older) may file a Charter School Complaint Form to the authorizing entity if they suspect the charter school is in violation of Education Code (EC)Section 47605(d)(4). If you wish to fill out a complaint form, please download a form from the "about us" section of this website, or visit the school office. 
Elementary School 
Enrollment is determined by a random public drawing (lottery), which is open to all residents of California. Students must be age 5 on or before September 1st of the 2021 school year to be admitted for the 2021-2022 school year. This means that for Kindergarten, a child must have been born on or before September 1, 2016, in order to be enrolled in September 2021.
Middle School
VCMS offers priority enrollment for certain groups of applicants. No person shall be subject to discrimination on the basis of sex, gender, sexual orientation, ethnic group identification, race, color, ancestry, national origin, religion, or disability. 
Middle School Priority Enrollment 
  1. In the event of a public random drawing, admissions exemptions and preferences will be as follows: 
  2. Existing students (exempt) 
  3. Siblings of existing students (exempt) 
  4. Children of faculty (preference)* 
  5. Students who reside in the attendance area of Andres & Maria Cardenas Elementary School. (preference) 
  6. Residents of the District (preference) 
*Children of faculty will not constitute more than 10% of the school’s enrollment. 
Supporting Documentation 
If you are extended an offer for priority enrollment, you will need to provide supporting documentation in the enrollment packet to accept the enrollment offer. Verification of your priority will be done prior to finalizing your child’s enrollment. If your child is offered priority enrollment and VCMS deems that the child does not qualify, your child will remain on the waitlist. Once enrollment is reached, the remaining names will continue to be assigned numbers and will be placed on a “waitlist” in order. If vacancies occur during the school year, the vacancies will be filled according to the order of the waitlist. Every family in the random public drawing will be notified of their waitlist number by email or telephone. As spaces become available, parents will be notified by U.S. mail, phone call, or email. Families will be given a deadline by which to accept the spot and request an enrollment packet.