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Community Service
Middle school students are expected to complete at least 10 hours of community service per year for a grand total of 30 hours before the 8th grade culmination.
When submitting Community Service forms, follow these steps:
  1. Upon completing your community service event, fill out the Community Service Form 2023-2024 (link below) in its entirety. Make sure your supervisor signs the form indicating you have completed said hours or your entry will NOT be accepted.
  2. Once the form is complete, take a picture of the form (if you are using your phone it must be off campus).
  3. Next, log into your school email.
  4. Click here to access the Online Submission Form 
  5. Enter necessary information (same as the top half of your paper form).
  6. Upload photo.
  7. Submit an entry and you are done!
***An email confirmation will be sent to your school email. You may keep your paper copy for your records.