COVID-19 Response and Resources

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Please see guidance and documentation related to Valley Charter School's COVID-19 policies and procedures below.


Link to current COVID-19 Guidelines (last updated March 2023) 



If your child has a household exposure or tested positive for COVID-19, please use these surveys to notify the school: 

Masking Policies
Masks are currently optional for students and families with the exception of:
  • Return from isolation: If an individual is returning from isolation after 5 days, they must continue to wear a mask for 5 additional days. 
  • If a student or staff members is exposed to COVID-19 through a member of their household, they are required to a wear a mask indoors for 10 days. 
  • If a staff member is exposed in a workplace setting, they are required to wear a mask indoors for 10 days. 
Please note that as of March 13th, 2023, masking guidelines have changed if an individual was exposed in a school setting. While it is still strongly recommended by the LACDPH that asymptomatic close contacts who were exposed in a school setting wear a mask for 10 days post-exposure, it is no longer required. VCS will continue to send out group exposure notifications and strongly recommended masking. If there is an outbreak in a classroom or on campus, this policy is subject to change. 
General Absence Protocols
  • If you keep your child home for reasons not related to symptoms of COVID-19, please follow normal absence procedures.
  • If you keep your child home because of symptoms related to COVID-19 (fever of 100 degrees or greater, a new cough, congestion, sore throat, diarrhea or vomiting are the most common symptoms but cold symptoms also apply) then you will need to contact the school office. To return to school will require a negative antigen COVID test result.
  • As always, if your child has reasons for absence other than illness, please submit a note to the school office.
  • Students will NOT be placed into IS for absences that fall into this category. Students will be provided the opportunity to make up any work missed once they return to school. 
COVID-19 Testing Resources outside of school
If your child needs to be PCR tested (e.g., because of exposure to a positive case or because he or she is experiencing symptoms) please visit this website for free testing resources provided by the LA County Department of Public Health: 


Independent Study Information

VCS is a classroom-based school and our model is best delivered through live, in-person instruction.  We also believe strongly  that students need daily interaction with their teachers and peers to thrive.  VCS will no longer be offering long-term  Independent Study (IS) as an alternative to in-person instruction because of COVID-19.  VCS will continue to offer IS for students in isolation; this will follow a similar structure to the previous school year.