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VCS 22-23 Covid-19 Surveillance Testing Schedule

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VCS SURVEILLANCE TESTING SCHEDULE (over the counter antigen test kits will be provided by VCS)

Date tests must be administered for remainder of the school year

Spring Semester Antigen Testing Dates 

Sunday, February 12th, 2023

Monday, February 20th, 2023

Sunday, April 16th, 2023 

Monday, May 29th, 2023

Note: We will also be requiring 5th families to antigen test their children before the CIMI overnight field trip.

Required back to school rapid antigen testing: VCS will distribute test kits at each school’s August 22nd event (Meet the Teachers at VCES and Student Orientation at VCMS). Families will be required to administer an antigen test on August 24th and report any positive results in the school-specific survey. 

On-going surveillance testing using at-home kits: VCS will be requiring at minimum that families and staff members administer an antigen test for each significant school break over the course of the year. We may institute additional surveillance testing during the course of the year based on community transmission levels.

Reporting positive cases: Families and staff members will be required to report positive cases using the surveys above. ONLY POSITIVE CASES NEED TO BE REPORTED. When you complete the survey, the school is automatically notified via email.

Response testing on-site: Through a program with the state, VCS staff have been trained to administer professional antigen tests. If a student or staff member is exhibiting symptoms, VCS is also able to perform antigen tests for students and staff members on-site, with permission. Please complete the appropriate link below to provide permission to allow a trained VCS staff member to administer an antigen test if your child becomes symptomatic during the school day. 

Test Kit Distribution: Because two tests come in each kit, each kit will be used for two required test dates. The school will be distributing test kits ahead of each required administration. Please contact your school's main office to pick up a kit if you don't have what is needed for the required test administration dates.